Covid-19 Information and Updates

02/09/21 — Updated COVID Risk Assessment
02/09/21 — Outbreak Management Plan
22/04/21 — Updated COVID Risk Assessment
26/03/21 — Support during bubble closures
19/03/21 – Frustrated, Angry, Cross
19/03/21 – Stressed, worried or uncertain
19/03/21 – Routine Difficulties
05/03/21 – Updated Covid-19 Risk Assessment
03/03/21 – 8th March Return information
26/02/21 – Covid-19 guide for families
26/02/21 – Public Health Letter re full re-opening of schools
05/02/21 – Online Safety Newsletter
05/02/21 – Advice On Supporting Your Child With Remote Learning
22/01/21- Remote Learning Information for Parents and Carers
22/01/21- Remote Learning Policy
11/01/21 – Covid-19 update letter – remote learning offer
11/01/21 – Covid-19 update letter – remote learning letter
05/01/21 – Covid-19 update letter – remote learning
05/01/21 – Covid-19 update letter – school closure
16/12/20 – Covid-19 update letter
16/12/20 – Local Authority Covid-19 Guidance

This ‘Covid-19 guide for families’ below provides incredibly useful information if you are unsure what course of action to take. Please do keep your child off school if they have any symptoms: a new, continuous cough, a high temperature or a loss of taste or smell.
If your child does need to isolate, work will be set for them to complete (if they are well enough to do so). Similarly, if we do need to close one of our bubbles, work will be set remotely. Currently, this will be done via the school website class pages as during Lockdown. Individual work can be printed off if you do not have the appropriate technology.