Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum Statement

The PE Curriculum at Bowling Green Academy has been designed in accordance with The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and The National Curriculum.
From the Early Years children are encouraged to have positive attitudes towards physical education. Children in the Early Years take part in a range of physical activities on a daily basis from finger gym to movement time and free flow outdoor provision.

PE at Bowling Green Academy is an integral part of the curriculum focusing on both the children’s physical ability and their leadership skills. Team work, co-operation, resilience and determination are integral to the learning in PE. We give the children the opportunity to experience a range of sporting activities and to compete in competitions, aimed at all abilities.

We provide children with the chance to excel and show case their talents in a variety of different sports. Every child participates in at least two hours of PE per week and alongside this we offer lunchtime activities for the children. We offer three sports clubs after school every week and we ensure that sporting opportunities are varied in order to increase participation and encourage all children to try new sports. By providing all children with these opportunities and educating them about healthy eating and leading healthy lives we will ensure that we help to nurture confident, resilient and independent sports men and women.